So I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now but have refrained as I don’t want to make anyone feel bad per se, if not on the list. So as a disclaimer, I’ll first state that the blogs mentioned are people/blogs whom I have gotten to know over the past weeks and months whom I’ve come to appreciate. If you are not on this list, I probably haven’t gotten to know you all that well— and if that’s the case, we should talk. I enjoy meeting new people always.

Note also that this “Follow Forever” is different from my recommendations page located here. My rec page is a resource to find other RPCHA blogs whom I admire and think provide a great service to the community. If you’d like to find an individual whom is of great assistance, look there.

Otherwise, enjoy.


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I am officially going on a semi-hiatus.

This may not come as a shock because of my lack of activity on here lately, but I’m going to have to postpone my to-do list for a little while longer. I’m extremely busy in the real world, and the time that I spend on here is just less time that I will be able to play on my roleplays (which is already limited). I don’t want to give any estimation of when it is that I will be pack in full activity yet, but I do not think that it will be too far off. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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Make. Every. Action. Count.


Don’t be flippant about the use of action when you write— every detail, every bite of the nail, every idiosyncrasy is important. Very important. They polish the character out.

I think a character taking a quick stride across a room tells just as much as the tone of voice they react with.

But that’s just me.

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Steroline shippers in the Steroline tag

Anonymous: you writing is really tiny

On my theme? Yes, I’m aware, but I haven’t gotten around to changing it yet. If it’s too small for you to read, you can zoom in. I’m not sure how it works on other computers, but on mine what I do is hold down the control button and then press down the + buttons.

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Organizing our tag. [The 1x1 tag]


The 1x1 tag has been getting a bit messy, recently. There’s a little bit of everything being posted in it, making the venture into the tag a bit harder to sort through than usual. 

Firstly, I want to say that the suggested tags listed below are all merely suggestions made by myself and a few of your other fellow 1x1 players. This is by no means any new written code of law and you do not have to use them. It’d be extremely helpful if the suggested tags were to be used in tagging your posts and plots, but everyone works their blogs in their own ways. More tag ideas can, and possibly will, be tacked onto this post as more suggestions roll in. 

Suggested tags:

From what I understand, the use of this tag has already been recently established. If you have a plot that you have written out and you are looking to accept applications for this tag is the way to go.

  • Particular Roles → #1x1 male & #1x1 female

This tag would be used along with the main plot tag above. If you are searching for someone to fill in the male end of your plot you could use the tag ‘1x1 male’. And vice versa, if you are searching for someone to fill the female end of your posted plot you could use the tag ‘1x1 female’ to specify that. If these two tags are utilized, it’d be a simple search for finding roles featuring each gender. Let’s say for instance you’re up for playing a male role suddenly. One visit to the ‘1x1 male’ tag and you could see all of the plots who are searching for someone to fill the role as a male. Genius right? -  suggested by mermaidofroleplay

  • Plot Promotions #1x1 promo

I believe this is the one that’s appeared much more often in the tag. I understand that you would like people to look over your plots, but cluttering the general ‘1x1 tag’ constantly with a link to your blog does not have to be the way to go about it. This tag could be used for those posts that are links to your open plots, or, to a plot in particular that you’re dying to have filled.

  • Plot Ideas → #1x1 idea or #1x1 bunny

For those posts featuring those ‘AH HA!’ moments when you come up with an plot idea that’s not fully established like a pre-written plot but you’d love for someone to message you to plot out. I think this would be a neat idea to have around to scroll down and read potential plot ideas. - suggested by hudgens-1x1

  • 2x2s and 3x3 groups → #2x2 rp & #3x3 rp respectively.

For those plots that feature more than just two people to play out the story. It’s pretty self explanatory the tags are, but if you are searching for such plots that’d be a easy tag to shift through. (Likewise can be used for 4x4, 5x5 etc…) - suggested by kibbles-n-bits—1x1

Again these are all suggestions of tags to use, but if put into faithful use could be very helpful in managing through and organizing the main transit, so to speak, of the community. If anymore suggestions come through i’ll update this and put it on this post. But for now, could we all possibly try to make use of these suggested tags?

Don’t worry too much about the number of members that your roleplay has. Instead, focus on the quality of the roleplay, and if the members that you already have are happy in it. Many times, admins are too busy trying to get new members to join, so they don’t put enough focus into the quality of their roleplay. If you do that, members will become unhappy, and you will start loosing members just as quickly as you gain them. It’s better to have a roleplay with only a few active roleplayers than one with thirty inactive, unmotivated ones. And trust me, if the members that you have are enjoying your roleplay, word will spread, and you will get more players that way.

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Possibility to change the opacity of the posts, to add a background image, and to change the background color of the notes on the permalink pages.
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Anonymous: Can you post Allie Gonino pictures, and manips, and anything?

I have already posted a few manips of her (all of which you can find here), and I have a few more on my to-do list. Perhaps I’ll make a FC graphic-pack after I finish everything else I need to do.

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Biography Graphic Sample #3

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